What is Happiness at work? Just play and laugh!

What is happiness at work? How can you create more happiness at work? Will it cost a lot of money, because you have to buy things like table football, build nice offices with gym machines, or organize fancy lunches? If I look back at last Thursday, my answer will be NO, a big NO. Happiness at work is actually not so complicated as we thought. Sometimes we overthink it. It might be our adult thoughts which make it complicated.

What have we done last Thursday? Together with more than 40 colleagues we have hunted eggs in the whole office building. Why? I can give you a lot reasons, like Easter is coming, like we’d like to know where our colleagues usually sit (the first step to get connected to each other), like to create a nice atmosphere at work, to show the colleagues and the world outside that ABN and in this situation CDX is a great workplace. But these are not the most reasons, and the most important reason is that hunting eggs is funny, and it is more funny if you do it with a team. Just so easy. It is a game for playing and for fun.

When we were still a child, we played a lot with ours friends. And when we grow up, we kind of forget to play and to do something just for fun. We are busy with our carrier, worldwide travel, relationship, house, car, promotion etc., and we want to reach goals. Of course these things are important, but we sometimes also forget to relax and to ask ourselves what we really need. Since one of the topics of Happy People Program is have fun, I think, ok, let’s have some real fun together!

Eggs hunting is one of the ideas from the Happy People Survey (if you want to know my survey questions, just let me know, I can share them with you). When I saw it, my first thought was: this is nice! In March I invited two colleagues to brainstorm: is this a nice idea? (it is also possible that only I am enthusiastic) and if it is a nice idea, how we make carry the idea out? After 30 minutes we already got a concept plan (This is the power of doing things together and brainstorm. I do it a lot. Although my role is quite soloistic, I always try to ask colleagues to help and to organize activities together. It makes the work easier for me and it gives me also a lot of fun in the whole organizing.). A few weeks later I asked three colleagues to work on a concrete plan: how many teams, how many participants per team, which locations are we going to choose for the search route, how can we prevent chaos, how long will the game take, what kind of actions are there etc.. Within one hour we have made an exciting route and also the rules of the game. We really felt like that we were designing Wie is de mol (Dutch TV program) and got super excited about the result.

We had 6 spots for 6 teams, and… there were 11 teams which have registered for the game. What should I do? Should I choose for the fun (which means more risks of chaos) or should I choose for the rules and structure? I just followed my feeling: having fun together is more important! So we let 11 teams join in and on April 11th at 12 o’clock the game began om time.

The teams got an envelope from me and their adventure started at that moment. I saw they flew away with saying: run, be quick, run! Hahaha, I couldn’t stop with laughing. They were so fanatic and enthusiastic! They found at every location a sign for the next location. Sometimes they had to make a photo and send it to me to get the next sign. Every time when I received the photos or videos through WhatsApp, I laughed so hard that my colleagues also begun to laugh. It felt so nice, and it was like that we went back to the childhood, without any expectation from others or from ourselves, just play and laugh. It was kind of chaos, but nobody thought it was an issue, and we just enjoyed the game. Colleagues were running through the whole building and laughing with each other. I have got so much adlinerine that I was still excited in the evening. I began to jump when I got home to get rid of the energy, otherwise I couldn’t fall in sleep.

‘Thanks for the organizing!’ ‘It is really funny.’ ‘ We really enjoyed it.’ This was what I heard from the colleagues… Colleagues who didn’t join heard about the game and began to talk about it too. So everybody happy!

What do you need to create more happiness at work? Creativity, helpful colleagues, just-do-it mentality and working together with your colleagues! And then? Enjoy and laugh! 🙂

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