Three months Happy People Episode 1

The first three months as Happiness Activator @ CDX are passed, even before I realized how fast this happened. I still know how it was on the first day, January 7th. I took the train from Uitgeest to Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA and felt nervous and also excited. The bank was new, CDX was new and all the people were new for me. So in short, everything was new. It was kind of scary, but also (once again) excited, which meant that I would get the chance to experience a lot of adventures. And adventures? YES! I like them.

I haven’t got my laptop and email account immediately, but I didn’t want to waste time and one thing I am very bad at is doing nothing. So I planned a lot of coffee appointments with colleagues, which is actually part of my job. If we want to make CDX an happy and attractive workplace for the colleagues, then we should firstly know what happy and attractive actually mean for them. Thanks to all the coffee I have had a lot of nice conversations and got to know the people after the word ‘colleague’. Who are they? Where do they live? Where were they born? Do they have children? Got married? What are their hobbies? … For me it is the first step to get connected with the other. After a big amount of cups coffee, when I got home, I still felt high. So at one moment I stopped drinking coffee and declared my love to tea. 😉

Within CDX we have hundreds of colleagues and I have of course realized that I can’t drink coffee with everyone. But I still want to know what motivates our colleagues to work at CDX, in what kind of topics they are interested and what they need at this moment. So I send an Happy People Survey to everyone. 15 minutes after sending the survey I went back to Google Forms out of curiosity. Oh my god!! Already 25 response?!! I really felt honoured and from that moment I acted as addicted and came back to the site every 5 minutes. I saw the number went to 30, 40, 50, 60. The day after when I waked up in the morning at 5:45, I went to the site immediately. 90!!! Will it go to 100??? Of course the amount didn’t say everything, but it did say something! If the Happy People Program was unimportant for the colleagues, nobody would give a sh*t to this survey. After one week I got 108 reactions!!! All the reactions give me valuable information which I can use as foundation of the program.

I’d like to share some insights with you. There are the five main reasons why people are motivated to work at CDX.

  1. Positive work atmosphere
  2. Autonomy in my work
  3. Interesting work content
  4. Nice and professional colleagues
  5. A good work and life balance

And these are the most popular topics within CDX: design thinking, vitality, Agile working, nice events for quality time together and more inspiration through talks and stories from other companies. It’s quite an eye opener for me. Based on this and a lot of conversations which I have had with colleagues the four pillars of Happy People Program were born. Every month there will be activities organized around these pillars:

  • Get connected: get together and work together more often
  • Stay healthy: it’s about both physical and mental health
  • Keep growing: carrier development (soft and hard skills)
  • Have fun: work hard and play hard

The first episode of Three months Happy People comes almost to the end. Want to know my experience in February and March? There were many happy moments, but also frustrations and disappointing. So, keep following my blogs on LindkedIn.

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